Essential Tips for Beginners!

Jan 10, 2024 | Announce, Events

Chasers, new to the game? Worry not, as we have prepared essential tips for beginners! Before diving into battles, familiarize yourself with the basic game mechanics. Learn about character controls, special skills, and how to navigate through dungeons. This foundation will set you on the right path from the beginning.

Choose Your Character Wisely:

Grand Chase Classic offers a diverse roster of characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Experiment with different characters to find the one that suits your preferred playstyle and take into account factors such as attack range, speed, and special skills to make an informed decision.

Master Combo Attacks:

Combining basic attacks with special skills creates powerful combo attacks. Above all, spend time practicing and mastering these combos to maximize your damage output. Understanding the synergy between basic attacks and skills will make you more effective in battles.

Build an Effective Loadout:

Customize your character’s loadout to enhance their strengths. Equip gear and accessories that complement your chosen character’s abilities. Experiment with different combinations to find the loadout that best suits your preferred playstyle and enhances your overall performance.

Complete Missions and Quests:

Engage in various missions and quests to earn valuable rewards, experience points, and in-game currency. These rewards will help you level up your character, acquire better equipment, and progress through the game more efficiently.

Join a Guild:

Being part of a guild provides numerous benefits, including access to guild-exclusive content, teamwork opportunities, and additional rewards. Joining a guild allows you to connect with experienced players who can offer guidance and support as you progress in Grand Chase Classic.

Participate in Events:

Keep an eye on in-game events and participate whenever possible. Events often provide exclusive rewards and bonuses that can significantly boost your character’s progress. Take advantage of these opportunities to gain extra experience, resources, and unique items.

Prioritize Upgrading Skills:

As you level up, invest in upgrading your character’s skills. Enhanced skills can be crucial in tougher battles, providing you with more efficient ways to defeat enemies. Focus on improving the skills that align with your playstyle and contribute to your overall effectiveness in combat.

Manage Stamina Wisely:

Stamina is a valuable resource in Grand Chase Classic. Be mindful of your stamina usage and prioritize activities that align with your goals. Efficient stamina management ensures that you can engage in various activities without running out too quickly.

Stay Informed and Engage with the Community:

Above all, stay updated on game updates, patches, and community discussions. The Grand Chase Classic community can be a valuable resource for tips, strategies, and news. Engaging with other players can enhance your overall gaming experience and provide you with valuable insights.


In conclusion with the provided essential Tips for Beginners, you’re ready to embark on your Grand Chase Classic adventure. Remember to enjoy the journey, learn from your experiences, and continuously improve your skills as you explore the captivating world of Aernas. Good luck, adventurer!

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