Get acquainted with the awesome characters!

Jan 10, 2024 | Update

Chasers, before diving into essential tips for beginners, take a moment to get acquainted with the awesome characters!



Elesis strikes fear into enemies with devastating attacks, swiftly clearing groups of monsters. She boldly leads her team, protecting allies from Archers and Magicians. Her charging attacks leave foes little chance to counter. Plus, she boasts 80% more defense against Archer’s arrows and minimal delay from powerful enemy strikes among the Grand Chase members.





Lire, an archer, excels in lethal long-range bow attacks, swift movement, and stealth. Despite vulnerability to Knights, she strategically uses the environment, striking with precise arrows opportunistically. Archers are best for players looking to show off their precise control. Their standout skill? The remarkable double jump.





Arme, an adept Magician, wields both offensive Black Magic and defensive White Magic spells. While her physical attacks might amuse enemies, they quake in fear when her MP is fully charged. Her arsenal includes devastating spells like Lightning Bolt and Reverse Gravity, capable of wiping out foes over large areas. Those who let her charge her MP witness the sheer might of Arme’s magic.




Amy is a master of two martial arts styles: Fighting, focused on swift moves and her whirling Chakrani, and Dance, elevating comrades’ spirits. Her dances summon magical energies, enhancing allies’ strength and health. Despite her sweet demeanor, she’s relentless against obstacles hindering her goals.




Thieves wield dual daggers, bewildering foes with incredible speed. Lass swiftly strikes, aiming to finish enemies with precision in a single blow.







Druids, like Ryan, wield combat abilities from Nature, healing allies and unlocking hidden powers. If Nature’s gifts seem insufficient, Ryan transforms, embodying diverse natural forms, unleashing their unique attacks.





Ronan, the Spell Knight, swiftly vanquishes foes with a mix of swordplay and magic. He uses White Magic to boost his team and excels in both long-range spells and close combat. His Erudon’s Sword extends his reach, leaving opponents little escape from his relentless attacks.




The Fighter, Jin, relies on punch and kicks, blending speed with devastating power to overwhelm enemy groups. His extensive combos cover large areas, enabling swift counter-attacks. Jin channels destructive Chi through meditation. As his Burning Charge bar fills, he gains access to potent special skills, unleashing even greater damage.





The Rune Caster, Mari, adeptly combines magic and machinery. Skilled in defense and evasion, she avoids direct combat. Using her magic-powered machines, Mari introduces innovative battle tactics. Strategically assessing the battlefield, Mari sets up machines to corner enemies and reveal their positions.





Dio stands apart by allowing shortcut creation for skills, enabling diverse combos for beginners. Starting at Lv.30, he summons manifested tools, excelling in close and mid-range combat. With a versatile Skill Tree, Dio becomes a formidable weapon.





During the Ancient Demon Wars, Duel wielded the unstoppable Eclipse sword, becoming nearly invincible. Envious of Duel’s power, the magician Oz sought to match it, creating Grandark, which surpassed his control, developing its own consciousness and arrogance. Centuries later, rumors circulated about a silent Wanderer named Zero, seeking Eclipse. Armed with Grandark, Zero fights with the sword on his back, changing his command skills based on different sword stances, similar to Dio.




Ley, wielding Ultima and formidable Summoner powers, seeks her childhood friend in the mortal world. Unaware that Dio, her counterpart from the Crimson River tribe, is returning, she encounters the Grand Chase heroes. Floating in mid-air, Ley, akin to Arme, lacks dashing abilities but compensates with aerial combos and summoned minions in battle.





Rufus Wilde, abandoned and embittered by his father, aspired to surpass him and become a top Bounty Hunter. Years spent perfecting his skills led him to the end of a pursuit in Aernas. Ready to return to the Underworld, he stumbled upon a mysterious Blue Flame, compelling him to investigate.





Phoenix, a wind-powered magician, wields her fan for mid-range attacks, keeping foes down with wind abilities. Unique among magic users, Rin swiftly moves with dashes and runs, enhancing her speed. Her Glyph System streamlines command techniques for versatile combos, aiding in overpowering opponents with added damage.





The nameless boy trained under Jin’s teacher, Asin Tairin, taking up his name and weapon after his mentor’s passing. As the Disciple, he augments himself with versatile abilities, debuffing opponents, boosting his strength, and enhancing techniques. With a close-range style, Asin executes swift hits, handles errors well, and offers beginner-friendly combo attacks.





Holy Knight’s attacking speed is slow so to make up for this, Lime boasts a large hammer with far-reaching strikes and her attacks are more effective blow by blow than as chained attacks. She can use her aura to help herself and her teammates if the situation calls for it.





As a young woman, Edel was known for her kind nature, a contrast to her unexpected enlistment in the Knights of Serdin. Amidst political complexities, she concealed her warmth behind a stern facade, driven by family honor above personal feelings. Her mastery in combat, wielding a rapier and flintlock pistol, propelled her to Captaincy, challenging misconceptions about her family. Despite the need for toughness, she found comfort at home on île de Frost with her twin brother, Adel



Veigas, seen as young among Elyos’ Asmodians, was chosen by the Supreme God to destroy dimensions. Originally tasked with balance, Asmodians turned to chaos. Veigas, leader of the Terre clan, received the cosmic cube Deus Ex Machina, deepening his knowledge. Extremists sought destruction, opposing Moderates like Dio’s Burning Canyon clan. Veigas and Dio clashed due to differing beliefs. Returning during the First Demon War, Veigas found Elyos defeated and Dio allegedly aiding the enemy. Prompted by the Creator to “Destroy Aernas,” Veigas was determined to obliterate the world





Ai ,an AI safeguarding Aernas, had numerous masters until left without one after Baldinar devastated Kounat. Mari became her new manager, sparking hopes for a fresh start, but things didn’t unfold as expected. The Operator summons the Defense System as needed, adapting to manage diverse situations.





His encounter with the Immortal Highlander, guardian of ancient Kounat’s legacy, changed everything. Warned about power’s corrupting influence, Sieghart grapples with its significance. Facing corrupted Highlanders, he witnesses the legacy’s tragic impact on humanity. Now, he faces a crucial question—will he fall into corruption? Reflecting on this warning, Sieghart strives for responsible use of his formidable powers.




After the Grand Chase foiled Ashtaroth’s plans, Heitaros seized Ashtaroth’s remains to resurrect himself as the Demon God. Stripped of Ashtaroth’s Creation powers, Heitaros crafted a duplicate called Decanee, posing as Kaze’aze to invade Aernas. Over time, Decanee wrestled with her identity, resisting her fate and growing resentful toward Heitaros and Kaze’aze. Refusing to be bound by fate or her creator, she sought her true self, aiming to prevent the world’s destruction, a fate loathed by Kaze’aze and sought by Heitaros




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